About Us

"Findd.in" is a user friendly application which has been created to be a refined "Yellow Pages" with an objective to assist visiting users to navigate around the system in order to find the required service with ease in a pre-filtered format. It has been devised with simple drop down menu options to give details of locations, so that our application provides you services in a shortest time span. It covers most of the essential services that one needs, if you feel that we need to look at certain services that we have not captured on our site, please share your views on "Contact Us" or on a "Blog Post" of this site. We value your support to make our web site as exhaustive as possible. 

Users are requested to feed in their respective interest of location on the main page in the section where "Area" & "Subarea" are mentioned. This will enable the system to assist you in locating the respective services closest to you. In case the drop down menu in "Area" & "Subarea" does not reflect the area or a sub area, please choose the nearest one and also submit by typing in the box of others with the missing details. Based on your inputs in others the system will record the same and use the information for servicing other users in future. 

This page has an area of critical assistance for our fellow users located in NCR area such as "Blood Donation" which can be used at the time of emergency. We request all users to share your information, if you wish to contribute to society by providing the correct information in regards to your Blood Type, contact details and location. These inputs will help the person or a family member in emergency to reach out to the right candidate for seeking help. 

Other critical service which we have published is with the help of our honourable "Police Department" where they have listed certain important web sites, that we as users can use to seek their assistance of Police Department to handle any kind of situation which we cannot handle. 

We hope this "Web Site" serves your purpose and hope you can spread the word among family & friends to visit our page.

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