Objective of a tool

"Findd.in" is a user friendly application with an objective for a user to navigate around the system in order to find the required service with ease. It has been devised with simple drop down menu options to give details of locations, so that our application provide you services in the precise area to get the refined information in shortest time.


The features of search have been made so simple but unique, that even a beginner will be able to understand with ease which will enable them to find their way around whenever it is  required.


The information on this system has been tried to be as exhaustive as far as possible, if a user feels that we have missed out something. We are open to your suggestions and will welcome fresh inputs from our fellow users which they can share the information by sending the suggestion using our inputs section of “Contact us” (link to provide here). Everyone leaving a suggestion will be entered into a random drawing for a prize voucher every month end.


If any business owner or a corporate finds that we can be of any help, they can send their request to us in the section of “Contact US” or by just filling the “Enquiry Form” provided on the main page. We also have the commercial space listed on the site which has certain commercial cost attached to it for which you can enquire by contacting our official team by sending a mail to us on the given mail id ”XXX”.


This is an “Improved & Refined Yellow Pages” which has the information listed for users to see and benefit from. At no time it does not promote and partner in wrongful practice to humiliate or hurt anyone personal feelings or business. It has a sole purpose to promote “Business” and bring business owners closer to “Buyers”. 


We hope our fellow users and business owners enjoy the joy of our navigational yellow pages.




"Findd.in" Team

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