Dear Residents,

Welcome to our new Web Page that has been developed for our Residents. It is going to not only provide key numbers extracted from our directory, but also wide variety of information area wise for the entire NCR region.. It is coupled with our own exclusive and user friendly website www.dlfcityrwa.com our Directory seeks to network the community, and with every updated release, we try to extend our horizons.

The DLF City RWA, now in its thirteenth year of its existence is proud of its current membership base, around 8000, spread across plotted areas and condominium complexes within DLF City. This makes it the largest single representative body of residents in and around Gurgaon.

Our activity centers around the residing community in DLF. Our agenda includes liaising with DLF, our service provider; interacting with the City administration in respect of our external infrastructure; collaborating with and supporting NGO’s in their specific areas of activity; facilitating and part funding upgrades of our internal infrastructure viz. Parks, Signs, Street lighting, Water Harvesting Recharge Pits to name a few.

Additionally, we also engage and extend support to efforts in the areas of health care. And with a view of enhancing the cultural quotient, we regularly bring to the community several programs and events.

Our members are issued a Photo Identity Advantage Card (perhaps the only one of its kind) which provides a host of facilities / discounts by various vendors / service providers.

All the above, we believe, has contributed to the growing confidence reposed by the Residents in our RWA. This has helped in our efforts towards creating a sustainable environment for greater harmony and camaraderie within the community.

We do hope you find this webpage useful. Please do write and connect or just drop in for any suggestions and feedback to help us in our effort to continually add value to the quality of our lives.   

DLF Estate Developers Limited Shopping Mall, Phase II, Gurgaon www.dlfcityrwa.com
Estd. in 2004
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Mr.Rohit Malik (Director)    
Malik-rohit@dlf.in     0124-4334484
Mr.Baljit Singh (AVP Estate)       Singh-baljit@dlf.in   0124-4334414
Cmdt.Anil Sharma (Security All Phases)        Sharma-anil4@dlf.in  0124-4334334, 8447000773
Mr. Vikas Yadav ( Maintenance All Phases)         Yadav-vikas2@dlf.in 0124-4334337, 7838000773
Mr.Satendra Kumar (Horticulture Manager)        Kumar-satendra@dlf.in  0124-4334374, 9873338567
Mr. Dinesh Lamba (Sr. Engineer Electricity)         Lamba-dinesh@dlf.in 0124-4334407, 9654411897
Mr. Mahinder Singh (Water Supply)           9818713514
Phase In-charges    
Mr. Dharamvir Dhillon (Phase I)     dedl-phase1@dlf.in     0124-2352423, 9811094854
Mr. Naresh Kumar (Phase II)         dedl-phase2@dlf.in 0124-2351522, 9999168506
Mr.Yeshwant Shekhawat (Phase III & IV)        dedl-phase3@dlf.in  0124-2350782, 9873660501
Security Phase 1 to IV Day / Night    
SOM Security Phase 1 Security Control Room No. 0124-6459220
 Day & Night Duty         Phase Contact Nos.
SO. (Mr.Pappu Kumar)         All Phases 70531-11003
QRT-I        A-Block-1 to 25 70531-11004
QRT-II         A-Block-26 to 57 70531-11006
QRT-III         B Block-1 to 21 70531-11007
QRT-IV         C & D - Block 70531-11008
QRT-V         E & F - Block 70531-11009
QRT-VI         A Ext. & Sector Road F-10 to 17 70531-11010
Luxra Security – G & H Block    
Security Control Room No.    0124-2353677
Day & Night Duty        Phase  Contact Nos.
SO.    70423-92800
QRT         G-Block 70423-92801
QRT       H-Block   70423-92809
Luxra Security – Phase – II    
Security Control Room No.    0124-2351510
SO. (Mr.Ratan)         All Phases 99991-21554
Sup.         All Phases 99991-21562
QRT-I         J-  Block 99991-21556
QRT-II        K-  Block 99991-21557
QRT-III       L  -Block  99991-21558
QRT-IV         M-Block 99991-21559
QRT-V        N- Block 99991-21560
QRT-VI        P & Q Block  99991-21561
SLV Security – Phase – III    
Security Control Room No.    0124-2350419
SO. (Mr.Kataria)         All Phases 95600-95048
SO Night        All Phases 97170-84162
Sup.         All Phases 95600-95491
QRT-I         S-  Block 7 to 21 95600-95484
QRT-II        S-  Block 27 to 56 & NR + SR 95600-95467
QRT-III        T -Block 95600-95483
QRT-IV         U-Block 1 to 22 & U 33 to 52 95608-55669
QRT-V        U- Block 53 to 80 & Gate-18 95600-83466
QRT-VI        U- Block 26 to 28 & P.T.H  95600-95431
QRT- VII         V- Block Gate-16 95600-94926
QRT-VIII         W-Block, X-Block, M.A Road 95600-94969
SKY Guard Security – Phase – IV    
Security Control Room No.    0124-2392965
SO. (Mr.Sunil Chauhan)         All Phases 99991-21527
QRT-I         1000-3100 99991-21528
QRT-II         3200-3900 99991-21529
QRT-III         4000-6000 99991-21530
QRT-IV         6100-9807 99991-21531


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